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Web Hosting Types

There are four main types of web hosting. These types include free, shared, dedicated and collocated web hosting. Here is brief information about everyone of these types with common good and bad points of each:

Free Web Hosting
Some ISPs offer free web hosting that is best suitable for small sites with less traffic for instance personal sites. Free web hosting is not recommended for business or high traffic sites because technical support and technical options are limited within this option. Here are some good and bad points of free web hosting:

  • It's free
  • Suitable for personal, family of hobby sites
  • Often offers option of free email

  • Bad:
  • No option of domain names
  • Offers few, limited or no technical options
  • Security options are very limited
  • Limited or no data base support
  • Limited technical support

  • Shared Web Hosting
    This type of web hosting is also known as virtual we hosting. Shared web hosting is very cost effective. You can get domain name for your website within this type of web hosting. It is hosted on powerful server along 100 other websites. Shared web hosting often offers different software and technical options like email, database and different editing options. Here are some good and bad points of shared (virtual) web hosting:

  • Less expensive in which cost is shared with others
  • Best suitable for small businesses and sites with average traffic
  • Offers multiple software and technical support options
  • Hosts your own domain name

  • Bad:
  • Security risks due to many sites on single server
  • Restriction of traffic and restricted database support
  • Restricted software support

  • Dedicated Web Hosting
    With this type of web hosting your website is hosted on a separate dedicated server. It is more expensive than other web hosting options discussed above. This type of web hosting is quite suitable for large businesses and websites with heavy traffic volume. It is also suitable for websites that use special software. Dedicated web hosting is very powerful and more secured than free and shared web hosting. It offers unlimited software solutions.
    Here are some good and bad points of this type of web hosting:

  • Best suitable for large scale businesses and sites with heavy traffic
  • Offer option of multiple domain names
  • Offer powerful email solutions
  • Powerful database support and unlimited software option

  • Bad:
  • It is much expensive
  • Requires high technical skills Collocated Hosting

  • Collocation means "Co-location". This type of web hosting let you place your own server on premises of nearby service provider. It is same like running your own server in your office provided if it placed on best suitable space especially designed for it. Here are some good and bad points of this type of web hosting:

  • Offers high bandwidth
  • High up-time
  • More secured than all other types
  • Unlimited software options

  • Bad:
  • Expensive than all other types of web hosting
  • Requires high skills
  • It is difficult to configure and debug

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