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Nginx vs Apache – the best choice?

NGINX vs Apache – which server is superior? There was a period, somewhere between the end of the last century and the tail end of the noughties when Apache held the lion’s share of all business for web servers, running on more than half the world’s server boxes, but that advantage has now been eroded to nearly a third, and it’s still falling.

Tips to Get Affordable Web Hosting

Web hosts provide database and foundation to their clients for building websites. It is impossible to build any content without hiring services of a web host. You need to think..

Web Hosting Types

There are four main types of web hosting. These types include free, shared, dedicated and collocated web hosting. Here is brief information about everyone of these types with common good..

What is Actually Cheap WebHosting?

The nowadays market is full of companies that offer services in web hosting. But it would be great if you can save a few dollars here and there, so that..

Know About Cheap Webhosting

Everyone is looking for a cheap webhosting but before buying cheapest webhosting package, it is very necessary that you evaluate your needs and make sure the hosting company meets your..

Cheap and Best Web Hosting

There are number of web hosting companies which provide hosting services and hosting templates for cheap prices. It is easier for people to find the cheap and best web hosting..

Web Hosting

If you are running a business where you need a lot of customers to break even, you must have a website, as that will help you to reach to a..

Cheap Linux Web Hosting

Linux web hosting is ideal for those webmasters who want to use Linux hosting features on a regular basis. It includes Perl programming, PHP programming and MySQL database. For this..

Tips to Switch Web Hosting Service Providers

You may decide to change your web hosting service provider because you have found another less expensive web hosting service provider and you are not happy with the services provided..

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