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Tips to Switch Web Hosting Service Providers

You may decide to change your web hosting service provider because you have found another less expensive web hosting service provider and you are not happy with the services provided by your current service provider. You will have to face daunting task of switching web hosts without losing your website. How can you achieve is discussed below:

Complete Backup Copy or Your Site

You can use your favorite FTP utility to download all files of your site. Copy content of your site or make sure you have copy of all files on your computer.

Select New Web Host

Select a new web host that is best suitable to meet your needs. Collect detailed information about new website because it is not so easy to switch web host again and again.

Transfer Your Domain Name

Once you have copied all files of your site and selected new web host you now need to transfer your domain name. Contac domain name register and change Domain Name Server. It can be downtime for your website while your Domain Name Server is changed and it will take 24-72 hours for completion of this process. Try to maintain any existing services set up on your old domain name until completion of transfer to ensure continuity of your website. Make sure to see changes from your previous web host to new after completion of switching.

Upload All Files on This Web Host

After completion of transfer, upload all files to new webhost.

Make Amendments in New Website

It is possible that your new website will not look same as your old one. In this situation you will need to make some changes in your new website. It may happen due to change in html code or error in transferring. Make necessary changes in new website to give it same look like old website you had hosted. You may need to add or remove some codes to make you site look same like old one.

Test Your Website

Once you have completely changed all files and domain name of your website, you should check if all its services are working in proper manners on your new site. If new website is working accurately then go ahead and cancel all services on your pervious site domain name and web hosting service.

Following the steps mentioned above you can save your website files from losing and switch to new web hosting service for better results.

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